Sunday, July 8, 2007 suggestions

Some ideas for

* allow viewers to control imaginary friends who can interact with Justin; only he and the viewers would be able to see and hear them.

* have one channel that gives the most interesting video among all other channels in (near) real-time based on user feedback (e.g., in the chat rooms)

* a search engine for clips based on associated chat text; yes, the chat is pretty noisy data but I think you will get interesting results anyway

* imagine using to augment your mind, taking advantage of the intelligence and knowledge of your viewers

* use as a way to interview people for jobs

* when Justin meets someone for the first time, viewers can show flashbacks from Justin's life to give a first impression (and the choice of flashbacks would depend on the person he is meeting for the first time)

* have a prediction market about all sorts of short-term events (e.g., in the next day/week) in Justin's life

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